Small Cells – Network Edge

SAC simplifies small cell deployment to meet your needs. We help service providers and enterprise customers achieve 5G and 4G network densification quickly

Our work enables new innovative services and better coverage.

SAC is your strategic partner with a complete solution for the network edge. We follow best practices developed over more than two decades in mobile network construction.

Our purpose-built, end-to-end small cell solution includes program management, site development, network design, construction, integration, commissioning and maintenance.

We deploy small cells indoors and outdoors. Using bucket trucks, lifts and other specialized equipment, we deliver in every scenario up to 80 feet above street level.

Our specially trained crews install, test and document small cells by following precise, detailed procedures. You gain:

  • Comprehensive documentation
  • End-to-end performance validation
  • A full set of functional testing.

Our thorough procedures assure small cells delivered on time, with precision, quality, safety and integrity.

SAC simplifies small cell deployment to meet the needs of service providers and enterprises.