Edge Delivery Group (EDG)

SAC EDG leverages SAC’s capabilities for end-to-end macro and micro network solutions including land acquisition services (real estate, zoning, permitting, regulatory compliance, etc.); site development, architectural and engineering design; supply chain, inventory and logistics management; construction services, equipment installation, commissioning and integration; plus operations and maintenance. Over a quarter century, SAC mastered the myriad of compliance and regulatory hurdles that change by region, city and neighborhood, steadily compiling the nation’s largest telecommunications jurisdictional requirements database in the SAC EngineRoom™. SAC EDG leverages the EngineRoom to enable swift, efficient and thorough right-of-way and compliance resolution from coast-to-coast.

SAC EDG Projects

SAC EDG recently upgraded a sports stadium to 5G; so when it’s safe to fill the stands to capacity once more, fans will have a fully immersive experience unlike anything that’s been done before. This type of network takes on tens of thousands of users at once, from the moment they enter the turnstiles until they depart. The custom-built private LTE (PLTE) allows network engineers to slice and differentiate user groups, so that priority data (including emergency calls) is never compromised, and less essential data (like streaming video) is sped up or slowed as needed. It is possible to keep all users securely connected, to prevent one compromised access point from affecting everyone that’s logged in. Besides cheering for their favorite teams and performers, fans can live stream from the event, watch replays in HD, access player stats and bios, and interact with fellow fans on social media. Custom solutions like these are available for just about every type of indoor and outdoor facility; team sports, motorsports, concert venues and beyond.

Notable SAC EDG projects currently in development or rollout:

  • For a major utility company, a custom-built PLTE will help consolidate multiple disparate and proprietary wireless networks into a single and highly available (HA) solution. This network, currently in the first phase of an accelerated development, will also support Falling Conductor Protection (FCP) technology which is a critical tool the utility leverages to minimize the potential of wildfires.
  • New SAC EDG network installations are helping to bridge the digital divide in underserved Native communities, per funding by the Cares Act.
  • PLTE adaptations for K-12 school systems in several markets are providing students with free and secure Internet access to safely and effectively school from home.