Wireless providers need construction drawings and structural assessments to modify or build cell sites. Our design services take your sites from start to finish, ensuring they’re ready to build on schedule.

Tap specialized expertise

Customers turn to SAC for specialized architecture and engineering (A&E) expertise.

More and more of our work involves small cells for 5G networks. We also work on site modifications, distributed antenna systems (DAS) and new site builds.

We integrate your radio frequency (RF) needs with the needs of property owners and local jurisdictions. We design additions and modifications for your new and existing telecom facilities:

  • Atop existing towers, rooftops and water tanks
  • Inside venues and buildings.

Reduce costs

Our team works to cut your costs by tapping our expertise. For example, during pre-construction preparation for 8,000 sites, we discovered that a power design for a new network interface lacked battery backup. The problem: if a site lost power, backhaul would be lost.

We worked with our customer to develop 3 distinct designs to fit the needs of each site – solving the problem before the nationwide build-out began.

Quickly scale up

Our teams of seasoned A&E professionals, with production centers in San Diego and Chicago, can scale up quickly. That means we smoothly handle high volumes, intense schedules and the most complex projects.

For more information about SAC’s A&E services, contact us today.