SAC performs Site Development services across the U.S. with teams of local specialists, combined with a centralized production organization based in Chicago.

Site development involves the identification and securing of site locations for telecom equipment to be installed, whether on an existing structure or a new tower. Services include entitlement, regulatory review and acquiring all approvals necessary for an operator to locate a telecom facility or antenna apparatus on or at a particular location. In most instances across the U.S., local jurisdictions dictate proper siting locations and requirements for such antenna installations requiring vast knowledge of local rules and regulations. Whether a customer is building a new market, expanding in an existing market or upgrading an existing network, site development is the first critical step in the process that dictates costs (CAPEX and OPEX), schedule and in many cases, a guarantee for thorough coverage.

SAC has developed a national reputation for the ability to execute and deliver on a wide variety of site development projects. We have the knowledge and expertise to manage all aspects of site development: site 
identification, lease negotiation, regulatory review, zoning, and permitting. We are experts in setting up the project team, developing project specific tools and metrics, and driving the site development process. Our clients regularly recognize our results–focused deployments, and appreciate the collaborative approach we take with landlords, tower operators, building owners, municipalities, and regulatory agencies to attain the necessary entitlement.