5G tech is enhancing the stadium experience for sports fans.

You might not be able to enjoy it quite yet – but SAC, along with several major carriers, is working to transform the sporting experience.

So what does this mean? It means choosing which angles you can watch the game in real time—with no lag. Congested bandwidth and high latency no longer preventing texts from being sent and, allowing for new, immersive spectator experience we can’t even imagine today. Things like upgrading tickets, paying for parking, ordering food and drink, buying merchandise, and even adjusting the seat temperature might be at your fingertips. All of this will become possible with the integration of 5G technology into sport stadiums around the country.

SAC recently helped a major carrier install 5G at a Milwaukee sports stadium. Our agile EDG crews deployed new technology, making sure every piece of conduit, management box, shroud, antenna, mount, and all bolts were painted black to blend in and not disrupt the facility’s aesthetic. Can you find the antennas?

While this may be just the beginning, the transformation is underway.