SAC’s commitment to the “100% Safe” value was celebrated last week at a ribbon cutting for a new 50-foot climbing tower at our Elgin, Illinois training facility.

The new tower affords tower techs the opportunity to get realistic work experience before heading out to the field and allows for Tower and Rescue certifications.

“We want everyone that works at SAC going home safely at night,” CEO Cari Shyiak said in front of the new tower last Monday. “What underpins that is our focus on safety which includes training, communications, leadership and teamwork.”

After cutting the ribbon at the new tower, Cari noted the dedication SAC has to safety and training.

“This tower is just another representation of the training investment that SAC is making to improve our employees’ skill sets and prepare them for their career at SAC,” he said.

Construction Training Manager Rick Marchese is one of many who contributes to that investment every day.

Rick has been helping keep SAC team members safe for five years now in delivering safety education. His most recent efforts tower over his previous achievements as Rick was involved in every aspect of the building of our Elgin facility’s new 50-foot tower. From design to the groundbreaking, he poured the footings, assembled the tower on the ground and coordinated the plan to erect it. Rick worked tirelessly to keep the build on schedule while keeping pace with a record number of new hires.

Cari recognized Rick for his dedication to the “100% Safe” value at SAC.

“Hats off to Rick and the training team for putting this all together,” Cari said. “We’ve got to make sure the people know how to do the work effectively, they’re safe, they get hands on experience in a safe, controlled environment.”

SAC is one of the only companies that has a complete state-of-the-art tower-climbing training facility.

While everyone was enjoying the celebration and complimentary BBQ—Rick was fast back to work training a group of climbers from Puerto Rico on rescue maneuvers with a 225-pound mannequin hanging 35 feet in the air.

With the training team’s hard work and our brand-new tower, SAC continues to grow in its dedication to developing our employees and keeping them safe.