Private Network Solutions

SAC surveys, designs, deploys, optimizes and operates Private LTE (licensed and unlicensed spectrum) solutions.  Our solutions are a fit for any enterprise in need of a private wireless solution to enable expanded coverage, lower latency network performance or to close gaps in existing network availability.

The SAC solution is offered as both a managed service complete with 24/7/365 customer care for Customers that do not have internal operations teams, or as a “build, educate and transfer” service where our Customers desire to directly manage their own private network operations.

SAC Private Network Solutions are available on a permanent or on-demand basis ensuring SAC can deliver what you need, for as long as you need it.  As SAC is a product and vendor agnostic solution provider, we are able to implement solutions based upon Customer equipment selection or we are equipped to advise on optimal equipment selection to suit application needs.

Key Applications:

  • Business Continuity
  • Event Support
  • Emergency Communications
  • Rural Broadband Access
  • In-Building Solutions
  • Wireless Spectrum Save
  • Disaster Response
  • Rapid Deployment

SAC delivers Private LTE networks on demand, wherever you need them.

Our Private Networks are designed and optimized with the end user applications in mind.  With this approach, SAC can ensure performance whether your end user is a human, an environmental sensor or CPE device enabling autonomous operation.

SAC’s Private Network Solutions bring LTE robustness and quality with Wi-Fi economics and flexibility.