SAC builds FirstNet for emergency responders

First responders need mobile communications networks with big capacity, high reliability and better interconnection. That’s why AT&T is building a new mobile public safety network called FirstNet.

SAC is helping to build FirstNet, a multi-year program that began in 2012.

More than 5,250 public safety agencies and 425,000 emergency responders use FirstNet as of January 2019.

“FirstNet keeps first responders connected in critical moments of need,” said Chris Bondurant, SAC’s chief customer delivery officer. “We’re honored to work with AT&T on FirstNet and support the network’s critical mission.”

SAC’s FirstNet solution builds on decades of site development and construction expertise. We enable robust, reliable services for our nation’s most critical users.

Mission-critical capabilities

FirstNet offers key new capabilities, such as:

  • Interoperability among police, fire, ambulance and other emergency responders
  • Mission-critical push-to-talk
  • An incident reporting portal
  • The ability to pre-empt other traffic in an emergency.

The result: Agencies can better coordinate as they investigate and resolve incidents. Real-time information is shared rapidly. Command centers gain better situational awareness.

SAC is proud to enable FirstNet for emergency responders.