Distributed Antenna Systems

A DAS is a set of low-powered antennas installed across a geographic area and connected to a central location or power source by fiber. The technology is especially useful in areas where traditional towers aren't feasible — due to coverage issues (such as densely populated areas, rough terrain or in buildings), zoning challenges or other concerns. These voice and data systems — both indoors and outdoors — have supported a wide range of applications (cell phones, mobile radios, Wi-Fi, pagers) and frequency ranges (800 MHz up to 6 GHz).

SAC provides full turnkey self-performing DAS including RF engineering, iBwave design, managed Architecture and Engineering services, Construction services, Head-End Room BTS installation/ commissioning and system testing/optimization services. DAS are still a relatively new technology and selecting a quality installation company can be challenging. Wireless carriers have a tendency to hire the "elite" and consistently train these companies by giving them more knowledge and expertise than firms that are trying to break into the industry. As such, aside from SAC, there are only a handful of design-build companies that have gained traction in their DAS regional market, and demand will only continue to grow as wireless technology continues to gain global momentum.

SAC's certifications and experience with Mobile Access, Tyco and Andrew Systems among many others, have allowed it to customize and provide best-of-breed DAS solutions to boost network capacity and coverage based on building layout, traffic patterns, network infrastructure and other factors. The Company has performed extensive work in designing, building and maintaining DAS for tier one wireless carriers, higher education, hotels, office buildings and transportation venues across the country.