4G is the next generation of mobile technology standards replacing current 3G technology standards and network. 4G is currently supported by two major network types, LTE and WiMax. 4G technology allows for the support of an explosion of devices that are used by consumers worldwide. Devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, IPTV, HD mobile, TV, 3D TV, Cloud computing, video conferencing, interactive gaming and USB wireless modems. These devices and services demand a network with greater speeds and higher capacity which 4G provides.

SAC supports network operators with the upgrade and integration of the latest 4G technologies. SAC has been a partner with our customers since WiMax was first introduced as the initial path to 4G in 2006. SAC manages & provides services in support of 4G network upgrades by providing critical services such as; lease entitlement services, regulatory approval, structural assessments and analysis, managed architectural services, civil construction and antenna and line construction services, microwave installation and commissioning, FTTx implementation services, power upgrades, generator provisioning, warehousing and logistics, installation/commissioning/integration of the 4G radio equipment and decommissioning services for legacy networks.

Project Management
Telecom projects are complex and they need to be managed by a team with a specific set of skills. Our telecommunications project professionals provide a delivery and management structure that ensures accountability and control of your project, while providing a crisp flow of information and data to all parties through accurate and timely reporting.

Through proper planning and execution, SAC will ensure that your program is delivered on-time and with the quality and performance expected.